Navigate to the Faculty Center

Screenshot of Faculty Center Navigation

  1. Login to MyCSUMB using  your Otter ID and Password.

  2. Under the Links Tab Select CMS Student/HR

  3. Once in CMS Navigate to: Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule

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Faculty Center Screenshot

Faculty Center Screenshot

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Class Roster

Class Roster Icon


Click this icon next to the desired class to view and print, view permission numbers. To get more help on the Class Roster, visit the Class Roster help page.

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Grade Roster

Grade Roster Icon



To view the Grade Roster click this icon next to the desired class. This function is accessible at end of term when grades are due. To get more help with Grade Roster, visit the Grade Roster help page.

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My Teaching Schedule

Close up of My Teaching Schedule

List of assigned classes (List or Weekly Schedule Views.) To get more help on the Teaching Schedule, visit the Teaching Schedule help page.

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Class Details

Class Details Link



View session info and enrollment statistics.  For more help on the Class details page, visit the Class Details help page.

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Course Catalog Search

Search Tab Example

Click this tab to search for classes or browse the course catalog by term. For more help on the Course Catalog Search, visit the Course Catalog Search help page.

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