Welcome Faculty!

All active* faculty members automatically receive access to the CMS Faculty Center and CMS HR-Employee functions. See Employee Support for more information on CMS HR functions such as updating personal information, benefits, and address for W-2's.  

Advisors:  Please see Advisor Center Help.  Need access to the Advisor Center? Go to CMS Student Admin for more information.  Note: Access to the Advisor Center requires approval by the College Dean and specific training requirements.

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Faculty Center Help Feedback and Suggestions Survey


Getting Started with Faculty Center

1) Set up your browser (Needed to generate an Excel version of Class and Grade Rosters)
2) Review the Faculty Center Video Below (Created for 2012 upgrade. Still helpful.)
3) Review the Faculty Center Overview and print help pages directly from this website. 

ID or Password Trouble? IT has answers.

* Active employment status in CMS 
Active pertains to either a full-time, permanent faculty member or lecturers with complete/signed contracts updated in CMS. Lecturers should contact their department's Academic Support staff to confirm contract has been signed and updated in CMS if they cannot access the Faculty Center.